Vitamin K

Produced by:

Pantex Holland


Each gram powder contains 100 mg menadione sodium bisulphate (vitamin k3).

Spectrum of activity:

Menadione and other vitamin k compounds are essential for the formation of prothrombin in the liver> Lack of vitamin k result in hypoprothrombinemia,  leading to prolonged bleedings, large hematomata and the development of sever hemorrhagic anemia and hemolytic jaundice.


Hypovitaminosis of vitamin k3: coccidiosis and other infectious diseases; long-term chemotherapeutic treatment in poultry. Disease such as hypatitis  or gastro-enteritis.

Dosage and administration:

For oral administration.

General Dose:

Cattle, horses, cheep and goats: 1 mg menadione sodium bisulphate per kg bodyweight daily, during 2-3 days.

Poultry: 6-10 mg menadione sodium bisulphate per litre of drinking water daily, during 8-10 days.

Withdrawal time:



Store closed in a cool and dry place.


Plastic jar kg.

Vitamin K