Sulphadimidine 100%

Produced by:

Farvet Laboratories


Water Soluble Powder.


Contains per gram: Sulfadimidine sodium 1000 mg


For the treatment of cocidiosis and infections caused by micro-organisms susceptible to sulfadimidine e.g. respiratory diseases and gastro-intestinal infections.

Target animals:

- Calves

- Lambs

- Goats kids

- Rabbits

- Poultry (non-laying)


Administration to animals with serious liver and renal disturbance; diseases accompanied with a decreased intake of fluids or a decreased urine production, aciduria and hypersensitivity to sulfonamides.

Special precautions for use:

Severely diseases animals can have s decreased appetite and water consumption. If necessary the concentration of solfadimidine sodium should be adjusted to make sure that the recommended dosage is being consumed. However, if the concentration of the product is increased too much, the intake of the medicated drinking water decreases for palatability reasons. Therefore water intake should be monitored.


Orally via the drinking water.


Calves, lambs, goats kids, rabbits and poultry: 100 mg per kg body weight daily.

Poultry: Clinical coccidiosis; 1-2 g per litre drinking water following the 3-2-3 schedule.

Interaction withother drugs:

Simultaneous administration with para-aminobezoic acid, esters (e.g. procaine, tetracaine) and methenamine must be avoided.

Withdrawal time:

Meat: 14 days.


Dry and well closed. Do not expose to light.

It is forbidden to use this product in mature animals and layers.

Sulphadimidine 100%