Produced by:

Eurovet Animal Health B.V.


Each gram of the product contain: Amoxicillin  trihydrate 800mg. (equivalent to 702.4mg. amoxicillin)


Octacillin is indicated for treatment of infections caused by bacteria sensitive to Streptococcus pp.(β-lactamase  negative) and Straphylococcus spp.(β- lactamase negative in poultry and calves.

Mode of action:

Amoxicillin inhibits the development of an essential structure of the bacterial cell wall the peptidoglycan network gives strength to cell wall & helps to resists the interacellular osmotic pressure when the cell wall is unable to form peptidoglycan (due to inhibition of transpeptidase), rupture of the cytoplasmic membrane occurs and lysis of the cells follows


For active ingredient

Calves: 8 mg/ kg bw (through drinking water) for 3-5 days

Poultry: 15 mg/ kg bw (through drinking water) for 3-5 days

For whole product

Calves: 11.42 mg/ kg bw (through drinking water) for 3- days

Poultry: 21.42 mg/ kg bw (through drinking water) 75-150 g / 1000 liter for 3-5 days

Withdrawal time:

Calves and poultry Meat 1 day


Because the risk of sensitization, contact dermatitis and hypersensitivity reactions skin contact and/ or inhalation of paticles should be avoided (especially in persons with a known allergy to penicillin


Should not be administered to calves with a functional rumen


Storage away of reach of children below 25 ⁰C